New way of Protecting DVD's

Well, it’s kind of a protection, but not really, although maybe they will implement this.

Basically, here is the deal, you buy a normal DVD movie, you buy it really cheap, like a dollar or two, and you get to watch it, then it expires after 2 days, by the bottom turning black. While it is red, it is watchable, but onc eblack, its not longer good.

I just got one as a gift from a co-worker, so I can’t wait for mine to go black to mess with it. Anyway, thought you all might enjoy reading this, its an interesting concept.

These are old. The new idea is to release the DVD at the same time the movie is in the theater. That was a first this year with “Noel”. If you look at it as an option to waiting 6 months for the rental or going to the theater, it makes sense. If you look at it a competition to regular DVDs it doesn’t.

but you can still copy them tho?


I am sure its beatable, I mean if you can read it you can copy it, so its definitley prone to defeat within the first 2 days anyway.

I just thought it was interesting so I shared it here.

They can be backed up as can any DVD. They also tend to last well more than 2 days.

Hmm seems like a interesting way of doing rentals, except it will probably be a lot more expensive?

Well, its been 3 days, and I am still able to play it on my DVD-ROM, will wait till tomorrow and try it again, as well as on a stand alone. Although the center is black at this point, yet it still plays.

This didn’t work . It was called the orginal DIVX. They were sold at circuit city. They had a few good movies on them. They expired after 4 to 6 days.

They never worked because they “expired” . Why buy something that expires. If you want to watch it later.

I have a freind that has the orginal divx movies . Waterboy has 4 uses left on it. hehehe

Almost 5 yrs later.

Remember this is divx not the codec divx tm… hahhahaha