New warez cd "warezhouse" released



we are proud to inform you that we releasd today a new cd ( 2 pack) called


listing of vol.1
championship bass
die hard triolgy 2& win2k fix
F1 championship 2000
F1 championship 2000 2k fix
need for speed 5
need for speed 5 cheat
allien invaders
majesty money cheat
tomp raider 4 the lost artifact

F1 championship 2k music addon
homm3 the shadow of death
homm3 the shadow of death cheat
inperium galactica II
inperium galactica II music addon
nascar 2000 reg fix
nascar 2000
quake 3 fortress mod
star trek armada

cds are now availble

for info mail us


You’ve got a homepage or what?

is it on silver [i guess not]

price ??


the first two release will be copys latter on we will produce them on silver.
mail us for prices


So you got a website or not??

why not put the price overhere??

good luck with your business!


we will soon have our homepage, we will inform you about that.
prices? we think that this part is for the dealers. we suggest a price from aprox us$15