New Walkman hits Japan next week

I just posted the article New Walkman hits Japan next week.

Japan will get a taste of the reborn Walkman brand when Sony launches a new portable MP3 player there next week.

Featurewise, the Walkman X Series is attractive, with a three-inch screen, Wi-Fi, a…

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When will Sony realize they can’t charge a premium for their shit anymore, those days are long gone!

Stick a fork in 'em-Sony is finished.

sony wont get another penny off me,the minidisc was great but they killed it due to drm etc…over priced junk now,gone through 3 dvd recorders in 5ys,never again…

I don’t know about the US, but in UK the player is coming out in end of may, and lists the 16GB version at 199.99£ (vs 205£ for the ipod touch) and 32GB at 249.99£ (vs 267.80£ for the ipod). So it looks like the price in UK are quite right.

Nice but why not just use a PSP if you need to use Sony products? Its a bit bigger but it will do more.

SONY Saiu atrás…bem atras desta vez…!
novo Walkman próxima semana sera lançado…

I recently purchased a new 16gb Sony Walkman mp3 player. After evaluating all relevant models I chose the Sony. The principal reason for my choice was the stunning sound quality which was on a different level to Apple’s offerings. A secondary factor was Sony’s inclusion of drag-and-drop, the absence of which always kept me away from Sony mp3 products in the past. There is no doubt in my mind that I would choose the Sony product again if I were to be in the market for a superb player.

Epa a Sony esta a morrer, so um parvo compra merda da Sony.
Sony com u blueray deu um tiro na cabeca.

Herois do Mar… Sem portugal o mundo estaria 300 anos parado no tempo:bigsmile:

I just hope there service on repairs are better then sony,s because to get an ipod fixed in south africa is like getting an escimo to ice from you !!!

the sound quallity in their walkmans so far has been superb, apples no match their,and the noise cancel which costs $100’s in headphones is integrated for a cancel loss of 1%. I have no need for app’s or a 2yr product, my psp and walkmans have lasted years and the extra money is well worth it.