New Virus Fights Off Hackers

I just posted the article New Virus Fights Off Hackers.

Yep another virus/worm story…

A new virus has hit the web - but it’s a helpful one. The virus - a “cheese worm” - is making its way around the web, checking computers for vulnerabilities and…

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thats what I call impressive :7

There yah go not even Linux is safe anymore!! enuf said :8

its still a beta

their are less then 100 virusses that infect *nix based operating systems (ea. linux) I think that windows suffers from more viruses then 100 :slight_smile:

What are guyz talking about?!? MS Windows IS a VIRUS! :d

True, and it is a very nasty one, it’s on just about everyones PC, and with each new version it makes your computer slower and slower :frowning: