New video tool offered by Sceneo for free this weekend

I just posted the article New video tool offered by Sceneo for free this weekend.

t1955feb used our news submit to tell us
about a software that is being offered for free this

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If i dl this and install this, can someone confirm that it wont screw up my Mainconcept and TMPgenc installations?.. both of which i am very happy with.

Just download a file this weekend, then install when you will read up enough about it.

it’s NOT free it is a free download 30 trial, the link says Freeware but the about says 30 days left of you trial.
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D’oh! :frowning: I wonder if it will be free tomorrow? Thats what they say o the website. This pisses me off! I’ll give 'er a try for the heck of it in the am. :B

I think the program is free, but you have to give then 4.99 euros to licence the MPEG2 encoder. Look at Help > Activate Activate NanoPEG MPEG2 Codec

hey come and get some free beer but you must pay for the air you breathe whilst drinking it arse

MadBob, this is just like TMPGEnc. The company gets charged a license fee for distributing the MPEG-2 codec, even if they give the program away for free.

Which is fine by me, no arguments there, just DON’T advertise it as free because it isn’t