NEW Video Card!

im looking to buy a new video card (well, my job is buying me a new video card) and i’d like to get something that is going to be able to handle games, video editing, graphic design, and 3d pretty well. I’ve got a budget of about $200 give or take a little… i never know what to look for as far as specs (DDR3, Core Clock, Mem Clock, Bit Size, etc)… ive heard QuadroFX cards are good for 3d (is that ALL Quadrofx cards or only high end ones) but are they also good for gaming and design work? in the past ive used BFG and Powercolor cards… they seem OK, but was never really that thrilled with them… can anyone recommend specific specs OR even better actual cards to think about? id appreciate all the help! thanks in advance!

GeForce 8700gm for desktops is on fire! For about 169.00 bucks on sale. Keep you eye out for this mamma!

8800gt is a killer $250 card for gaming and rendering, but there is very little supply right now so they are hard to find and prices are inflated. quadros are purpose built for 3d rendering/cad etc. so gaming performance is not very good, plus they are expensive so a $200 quadro will be very slow.

cool… thanks for the suggestions… any other opinions out there? thanks in advance!