hey, ive been asking around for video card suggestions for my new Dell 20" 2005FPW… but now i have a new problem to solve(well not really a problem)… anyway… im gonna have a new extra 15" LCD monitor on the side… and id like to run DUAL monitors on my pc (IF POSSIBLE)… ive heard of this being done… but i really dont know how to do it… the 15" is only gonna have a vga plug, but the 20" with be DVI… so DO I NEED A CERTAIN VIDEO CARD TO RUN BOTH? or is it software that does it? ideally id like to use the 15" for Pallets in Photoshop and After Effects and what not… i dont see a use for it in games… so, if i could somehow switch it on and off when i needed it, that would be great… any ideas? thanks to all who help…

Most newer VGA Cards have an Analogue and DVI output. You can just use a Dongle on the DVI output. I am staring at 2x 19" Samsungs right now. If you have the two outputs and the dongle, (or maybe one of you monitors supports DVI) Plug them in and go into properties and enable the greyed out 2nd Monitor. You’ll need to position them on the dialogue box exactly as you have them physically so the mouse can move between correctly. Then go into your advanced Graphics Options and somewhere there will be an ‘Extended Desktop’ option.

awesome dude… thanks so much… i didnt think it was that easy… but thanks