New video card for DELL 2005FPW?

Hi, i just bought this beast of a monitor for a soon to be bought new computer. Im going with a PCI-Express slot but can seem to find any card that runs at the suggested 1680x1050… even on ATI or NVIDIA sites they dont list that res for ANY card, even tho dell is telling me they support it… so my question is…

Can anyone suggest a good card that isnt gonna put too big a hole in my wallet, that is gonna let me run HL2 and Adobe CS (type progs) without shortcutting anything (no AA)… i was looking at this
but wasnt sure if that was good enough after reading a few things… thanks for all the help… 1 :doh:

I have several friends with that monitor. Almost any modern card will support that resolution (it’s not one of the standard ones listed in specs, but when the card sees the .inf file for that monitor it’s native resolution will appear). I won’t begin to get into a discussion of the relative merits of ATI v. Nvidia…it’s a religious thing… currently the general consensus is the X800 are good ‘lower midrange cards’, gamers will tell you the Gforce 6600/6800 from Nvidia are faster…of course if your not a hardcore gamer an extra 8fps in Doom 3 really doesn’t matter much and while the 2005FPW is a really nice monitor, it’s speed is going to show some ghosting on the fastest games and DVDs no matter what video card you use. Your choice is entirely reasonable.

I’m not sure why it would ghost. I have the 2001fp dell, with a geforce 6800 video card, and I’ve played BattleField Vietnam, Doom 3, Far Cry, even using multiplayer, with no ghosting or artifacting of any kind…

thanks… im gonna check out the 6600/6800s… any suggestions for something under $200? what specs should i be looking at?
which is a better card?
one of these 6800s?


or is there a better card out there around that price range i should look at… i really have no idea? thanks