New Versions

The latest AnyDVD, CloneCD, Virtual CloneDrive and CloneDVD versions had problems because of a defective ElbyCDIO layer.

Elaborate Bytes AG has updated ElbyCDIO, here are the versions with the new ElbyCDIO drivers:




Virtual CloneDrive

cheers for the quick updates.

Good job. I knew it would get figured out promptly. Thanks for the great support and products!

thanks for the updates, good job guys.

shame clonedrive hasnt been re-written with 64bit code yet. bit annoying that it takes the site 1-2 days till the new versions are linked to on the site.

That’s because they want people here to test them first and post any issues they have. If no major problems are found, they release them. I have NO problem with that at all. I wish Nero would do something like that.

thanx for the update slysoft :wink:

Great news, you guys ROCK

Awesome Updates. Everyone needs to grab these and store them on CD/DVD just incase the next version would have a bug or two. Always nice to be able to go back until Slysoft fixxes er up. <3 for Olli, Elby, Slysoft.

is it me or is CloneDVD setup file corrupted

clone dvd and any dvd is well worth the money

Hey Slysoft, I purchased AnyDVD from Slysoft but CloneDVd2 from Elby just before Sly took over marketing. Will Slysoft allow me to update CloneDVD from their site? The last time I tried to (many months ago) it downloaded the trial version instead and didn’t recognize the Elby key. It seemed to overide my permission and was a pain to get the key from Elby to reactivate it.
Love the software, by the way! :wink:

Yes it will work, I go back and forth, I sometimes download from Slysoft and then I will grab the next one from elby…

i have the latest versions of anydvd and clonedvd, do i need the virtual clone drive? not really sure what that is.

You don’t NEED virtual clone drive. It’s a handy little application, though. I personally use Daemon Tools simply because it handles more image types, but, essentially when you make an ISO image, Virtual Clone Drive allows you to mount that image on a virtual dvd drive so that you can test it. This is great for testing transcoded movies before actually burning them to verify they work and the quality is what you want.

Virtual Clone Drive was primarily for mounting images of copied games to play them. but it does have other uses as well

Yeah, currently my favourite use is to play WMV-HD titles from harddisk.

CloneDVD on

Version 2005 04 22

  • Fix: Error message "DVDManager 5 … " when writing
    files to ISO Image, CD or DVD with certain DVD
    titles, e.g. Zone of the Enders Vol. 3 (UK) or
    Coffee and Cigarettes (German).
    This error occured with self made Video DVDs
    as well.

Is there a download of the updated/fixed ElbyCDIO layer only?