New Versions

The latest AnyDVD, CloneCD, Virtual CloneDrive and CloneDVD versions had problems because of a defective ElbyCDIO layer.

Elaborate Bytes AG has updated ElbyCDIO, here are the versions with the new ElbyCDIO drivers:




Virtual CloneDrive

Thanks for the fast update. Hey, can you guys buy Nero and straighten that program out?

wow … I had no problems with the previous version that was released … strange … but I’ll go ahead and download the new one just to be safe

                                                                                                                                                                                               James, I was just wondering if these new updates were Beta updates?  Thanks.

I’m not James and they are not Beta’s

I’m not James and they are not Beta’s

well, they are beta than the previous versions…LOL

If they are NOT beta, then whays up with CloneDVD
No Revision History or mention anywere other then the download.

CloneDVD Revision History_v2.8.2.1: 2005 04 22:
- Fix: Error message "DVDManager 5 … " when writing
files to ISO Image, CD or DVD with certain DVD
titles, e.g. Zone of the Enders Vol. 3 (UK) or
Coffee and Cigarettes (German).
This error occured with self made Video DVDs
as well.