New versions of CyanogenMod won't give Android root access by default



New versions of CyanogenMod won’t give Android root access by default.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A good portion of Android users root their devices to get around restrictions built into the operating system. CyanogenMod, a very popular third party Android ROM, enabled root by default but now the developers of that ROM are rethinking that setup.

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This is great for the community it should be optional as there are known risks as stated.


I have CyanogenMod 9 installed on my galaxy s phone.
It has root access by default.

I agree with the sentiment, root access it’s not required for 99% of what I do.
The last time I needed root access was 3weeks ago when I updated the rom :wink:


I have CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 on my Motorola Atrix 4G. Even though I do occasionally do things that require root access, I agree with the sentiment that root should not be enabled by default, as it is a security risk (as well as a potential source of problems with users who know just enough to upgrade their ROM, but not enough to safely poke around the innards of their phone).


My main purpose for a custom rom is the wifi access point feature. My question is if we install a custom ROM would we need root access enabled for that feature to keep working? I think it wouldn’t since the ROM has modifed. Does anyone know for sure?