New versions of CDRWin released

I just posted the article New versions of CDRWin released.

CDRwin is the first program that introduced the world the bin/cue format (right now FireBurner is better I guess).

No changelog(s) for the moment, but i guess more writers supported, some…

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I still use 4.0a beta my self and as long it works fine for me i dont getting a newer version. I don like fireburner but thats my tast.

Yeah, I don’t like Fireburner, either… I don’t even see how you can compare the two. CDRWin blows its doors off.

get a bad crack and it pisses you off though

I never understood Golden Hawk’s version naming scheme. There are so many times when they update the program but the version number stays the same. I already have 3.8G but it’s not the one released today, I don’t know why they like to confuse the heck out of people. This release should be 3.8H or maybe even higher. Great burning software though. :slight_smile:

Good prog :slight_smile: but it does n’t copy multisession :c

I don’t trust CDRwin, its been corrupting my backups of late, I am sticking to Nero and CloneCD :8 Greets from The Diplomat

:9 Guys, CDRWIN now supports several DVD Writers Not Pioneer A03 Yet though :c:c:c