New versions of Alcohol and Blindwrite

Allright, it has been some time ago when new releases have been published (except for some recorder-support releases) from these products.

When are new releases expected with some major improvements.

For example Tagès support (we all now know it is possible and how to do it: thank you spath, thank you), StarForce 3 support (there are rumours about this for a while now, but until now no luck) or CDCops (although not used a lot it is still not possible to copy if I’m correct).

Any inside information about new releases, and if, what will be the big improvements (or hints if you’re not allowed to tell)??

Well, I can’t tell you about BlindWrite, but Alcohol is being developed. I can’t tell you what will be new but I also know that a new release version may take some time to come out. Don’t except a new Alcohol version for the next days

I understand you can’t tell what will be in it, but can you say if it will be big improvements or just some minor bug fixes.

I hoped that one of those progs (both would be better) should be able to make working copies of Tagès and/or Starforce 3 and/or CDCops.

Can you make a suggestion to the Alcohol team to implement Tagès??

In DAEMON TOOLS forum, it is stated :

Yes, TAGES will be handled by Alcohol soon.

Great!! Propably BlindWrite will follow.