New versions of 6.6 available

I’ve just installed the NEC ND-4551 but I’ve got no mention of using labelflash at all.

How do I enable it?

Well, if it doesn’t work you’ll need the Nero NEC CD… sorry… :frowning:


change log
watch mem in use during a burn, open a browser window, keep watching
faster leadin
meminuse in logs will go up!


I’ve tried to search, but I’m not the slickest searcher I guess… :slight_smile:
Can someone explain what makes an Ultrabuffer better than earlier buffer? And why is NT-SPTI better? More reliable burns?
I’m just thinking that Nero has used non-NT-SPTI for ages, and if this is the first version using NT-SPTI there might be a bigger risk of bugs?

nero 7 switched to NT-SPTI, DVDD and ImgBurn already use it. Aspi(win9x) calls
are obsolete! Of course when enought crap software starts using that, then
here we go again.

oh God i hate Ahead so much… corporate bullshit :frowning:

Not working with DVDShrink and DVDdecrypter. It identifies my Nec 2510 only as a DVD-R/RW and DL, not DVD+R/RW. Im back to

Couldn’t get to work either , got "error -cannot connect TRF … got 1.5gb of mem, incd not loaded , tried increasing page file even thou lots of memory …
Solution … went back to … have to wait till they get the bugs ironed out …

Did work

This new NT-SPTI interfers with DVDShrink and DVDD. It will not work with it. If you use Shrink or DVDD you have to revert back to

You don’t have to go back to previous version just use DVD Shrink to rip and shrink and then use “Nero Burning Rom” to burn the ripped file.

Shrink doesn’t give me the Burning Rom option?

you have to install shrink after nero

I tryed that, it doesn’t work Error- got "error -cannot connect TRF

yes that’s from the new ultrabuffer and conflict with shrink still running when it calls up nero, just burn manually. No big deal. that’s how i have been doing it for 2 and 1/2 years.

I always let Shrink write to a directory on my harddisk, and then I just burn that directory using the ‘DVD Movie’ profile in Nero.
I kinda like being in control of what’s happening :smiley:

Does the New Version 7 have this conflict also, because it wasn’t there with or

Does the New Version 7 have this conflict also

not yet!

Does anyone know what this “ultrabuffer” and SPTI stuff does? And, does it cause problems with Decryptor or not?

no problem with decrypter reported yet or imgburn, when I tested ultrabuffer, I noticed nero grabbing a lot more ram(~200MB) task manager, then when I opened
IE it released most but as soon a the web page loaded it grabbed it back. Still
left me with ~20% free of 512 megs. The new nero infotool wouldn’t open report
so I download the current version seperately and overwrote in the ahead folder.

ScuzziPassThruInterface is MS xp’s way of replacing aspi and way more bulletproof, which is why Lightning’s been using it so long.