New versions of 6.6 available

Versions and nerovision are available for download.



Nero Media Player was also updated to I wonder if a changelog will be released this time…

They still don’t have a change log for, so I doubt it.

Thanks! Let’s see if they added LabelFlash support.
I hope so, since the NEC version supporting it was 6.6.1.[B]3/B:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: YESS… LabelFlash support added. :slight_smile:


Can you post a link for that update?

Hi :slight_smile:
For updates click here: Enjoy :cool:

Delete please.

You can find all updates here. :slight_smile:

: crossg and zebadee were faster. :stuck_out_tongue: Getting old… :frowning:


NO CHANGELOG yet… :confused:

Biggest thing in my case is the support for Labelflash. Now everybody with a NEC 3551 and 4551 drive can use this feature.

If you have a LightScribe drive and it doesn’t work after updating to, you need to reinstall the LightScribe Host Software again.

Just updated from and burned a disc with the CopytoCopy. The newer burning Rom seems to be more stable. It also updated my Lightscribe to a newer version. I don’t have a Labelflash drive so I cannot comment on that, but it is a definite improvement over

Why doesn’t Nero still not have a changelog for All these updates all the time, Nero is beginning to look alot like M$

I also updated, and found that CD/DVD Speed was also updated, to version 4.11

A noticable change was that the scanning speeds for my NEC 3550A have changed, from 1-5-8-12-Max to 1-4-7-11-Max. Haven’t tried much scanning yet. And I’m not sure how to compare with older scans. But, we’ll find out :slight_smile:

(I also have some problems identifying producers of CDs, but, I’ll start another thread on that if I can’t find answers in old threads, this has nothing to do with the latest Nero update)

I think the selectable scanning speeds depend on the lenght of the disc in the drive, or in other words it depends on how much data/video has been burnt to the disc. If the disc is significantly less than 100% full you will get 1-4-7-11-Max instead of 1-5-8-12-Max.

It’s interesting when I scan my DVD-ROM booktyped DVDs that it always yellow errors in the very beginning of the disc when I set the speed to 16x and when I set it to 12x it reads fine(green). This is with CD/DVD speed 4.04 btw.

I haven’t had the 3550 for very long, but CD-DVD Speed has always shown 1-5-8-12-Max. I haven’t burned any really short disks though. Now it’s 1-4-7-11-Max. And 11x doesn’t seem to go to 11, more like 8. But I have to do more testing.

Anyway, maybe it’s just my system that got messed up somehow, I did a full uninstall before I installed the latest Nero, using Nero’s general cleaner program.

Here the disc is not even full but I am getting 4X-8-12-16X.

This was pure conjecture on my part, but it seemed like a reasonable explanation at the time. :o

I also have never seen the 1-4-7-11-Max speed settings before, and I have just confirmed with Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.11 on my NEC 4551 with a DVD only containing 1299 MB that I still get 1-5-8-12-16-Max as the speed choices.

So I don’t really have an explantion for what’s going on. :confused: