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windows won"t let me download 6099.

No problem here with FF and IE7. Do you have firewall or anti-virus or some other software blocking it?

Fred0149 –

Confirm that you are downloading AnyDVD v6.0.9.9 from the Official SlySoft download link ->

If you continue to have difficulties suggest cleaning your Browser Cache ->


A couple weeks ago I upgraded to 6095 and now when I try to run the program it says my trial has expired. I tried everything to get it to work, no luck.

I’m afraid to get the new CloneDVD upgrade as I worry the same thing might happen.

I have updated all mine that I have and had no problem the best advice anyone can give you here is to email slysoft support so it can be resolved we can’t really help you on this type of issue as we are just users and this needs to be address to the company not the forum. :iagree:

If you have a download accelerator, you might try turning it off. There was one site I could not download anything using metaproducts download express.

do you have Zone Alarm?
if so set permission allow to run

Thanks for all the info, went back and retried with no problem. Haven’t tried 6001 yet.

I should have said I hadn’t tried 6100 yet, my bad