New Version!

I was just traveling along today when I ran across I downloaded it, installed it, and I think I smell a RAT… The file structure is exactly the same. The interface only has a few changes. The encodes has switched to H.264 with DRM. and you can’t download the Encoder only the Decoder. Oh, and I tested out a FluxDVD all the problems with the Navigation is gone. No more lockup if you let the File run past the end. Larger Picture by default in MediaPlayer.

I think we where this guy’s ginipigs (Rats), on this little project of his… But if that is really true. He is still GPL…

Definately the same author. It’s a good thing for him, I hope he can make some money for his work now. Besides, he has given us a lot for free already.
I’ve problems to install and keep running both … , do you maybe have both installed ?

Does this do the same as ratdvd, compress and play the files or is it just a player for the ratdvd files? Thanks

OK on having both installed. It won’t work. I have both installs sitting on my desktop and install RAT when I need it and then install FLUX when I need it. No need to uninstall. it copies over the conflicting files

Flux is mostly like RAT in compressing and uncompressing, other then the fact that me and you will never see the side of the software that compresses the movies. He has made that into a seperate Application. I have attempted to contact him several times to maybe purchase the Encoder but have never got a response.

oh and it’s not just some guy it’s a whole company called ACE GmbH they have been producing audio/video software for about 10 years now