New version?



did development on Alcohol 120% stop? will there be a new version?


Beta testers are presently testing the next version update.


… which brings … what?


I can only tell that will bring expected features, but I can’t reveal which ones. In time it will be released and you will know the changelog.


Glad to hear it, and about time too! :stuck_out_tongue:

(need any more beta testers? ;))


Any kind of time scale when the new release will be (days, weeks, months etc.)

Ben :slight_smile:


I’m really hoping it’s not going to be under the “etc.” category…


There’s no specific schedule, and I don’t even know if the released version will have the under-test features or even more new ones, it depends of the Development Team. More features = more bugs = more beta testing needed.


thanks for replys

i would be happy to beta test it :wink:


Wait for 1 or 2 more days and you will get what you are waiting for…


:|:| :expressionless: :expressionless:


i will get new version release? or i will be added to the beta?


I’ve seen the changelog and it’s a joke. If they really needed a year just to program and test those changes, then I feel sorry for them. A bunch of good and motivated programmers can do more work in a week.


You are right, Reefke. I mentioned about half a year ago that alcohol must be kind of “dead” when there is no update for such a long time. Me and many others asked to get at least information when the next version will be released.
Most of the time, we got the answer that we have to expect something great, and this takes time. “Its done when its done” was the usual answer. More than that, in the past months all questions regarding the release of a new version were ignored, sometimes the thread was simply closed by the admins.

Now we have an update, and the changelog doesnt mention safedisc 3, tages or Starfoce! :Z (sorry)

Regarding the Securom Blacklist issue the admin recommends to use the temporary work-around which was found by some users…

If I wouldnt have payed for this software, i would say: LOL!

Let’s hope that the changelog is not complete yet…


I really hope you’re wrong, because if this is true and there are no major improvements … I maybe have to say goodbye to Alcohol120%. :frowning: :sad:


new version out in 24-48hrs
Check alcohols customers forum for details.


Where do that stand??? :eek: :eek:
In which thread exactly???
I cannot find anything about this…
Show me proofs and I will believe you :iagree: :iagree:

I hope you are right :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Edit: A link would not be bad :wink: :wink:


These threads always get a bit much for me. Fair enough Alcohols new version has taken its sweet time, but we’re waiting for what? An ability to copy Starforce? Tages? Write a 1:1 Safedisc or Securom DVD? Sorry people, for now there will be no program that will magically enable 1:1 protected DVD copies this is impossible since no DVD writer can write a DVD in raw mode yet, Tages copying for about the 3 or 4 cds in total that use that protection and which no other app supports, Starforce 3 copying for which no decent (legal) solution has been found by anyone and which anyone who knows will tell you is a much harder task than Tages. So all these updates that sly/elby VSO etc… put out, simply feed the masses of those who need their update fix.


this info is only available to alcohol customers at this time. It would be wrong of me to release anykind of information. It won’t be long and you will see. Im sure plenty of members on these forums are customers and have access to the same info i have.



Forget this new version, after clicking around in the menus of the new version for a few minutes I couldnt find any difference to the old one, even no new presets for image assistent.
I start to wonder why there is a section “Development suggestions for future versions” on their homepage. There were really a lot of excellent suggestions how to further improve the software.
Ah, by the way, there IS a new function: Alc120 has now to be online-activated which means you need an internet connection to install!

After reading this thread:
I have the feeling that the developers mainly concentrated on finding a solution to avoid illegal use of alcohol (spreading aound via file sharing, install on more than 1 computer,…) than on further development. One of the mods even mentions that this was a major problem becaus they didnt make a lot of money.

Instead of they should have named the new version
a for activation.
For me this is the end of alcohol.


Forget this new version, after clicking around in the menus of the new version for a few minutes I couldnt find any difference to the old one

Oh now thats what i call a real technical way of finding out what a software can do… i have a phone if i press random numbers i cant speak to any one…Dhu… i guess it dont work.

there IS a new function: Alc120 has now to be online-activated

This had been instigated a few months ago already.

Instead of they should have named the new version

Maybe you should actualy try to do something with the software other than look at the interface.