New version won't work on my computer




I am a registered user of AnyDVD and have just downloaded the latest version.

When I put in a DVD unfortunately ANYDVD does not recognise it. When I highlight the mouse over the fox it says:

On:0, Off:0, Empty:0

I can assure you there is a DVD in my drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is anyone else having problems with the new version?


All I can say try is re-downloading and install then reboot computer and try it again?


just a simple question: did you use anydvd before with success? or do you use a new drive? i ask this as it might be that you first have to set the drives internal region-code - as new dvd-drives aren’t set on a region very often when you buy 'em. i know from a friend that it makes troubles if no region set in the drive… :wink:



Justed wanted to let you know my AnyDVD is up and running again. I downloaded and reinstalled again and it is working perfectly - thanks for your suggestions.