New Version VSO Inspector V1.1.0

New Version VSO Inspector V1.1.0 has been released (front page news on Home page of this site) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Maybe one of VSO team leaders can help. I would love to download it.

You can get by clicking Here

I just tryed that link and I get a 404 error “file cannot be found.” I was very pleased to see you at the One Click forum. They can use your advice. I am serious about that.

You can get it from the VSO downloads page (
The site still shows 1.0.9 but you will get the new version if you download it.

I like your new avatar, I seem to have seen someplace before.(T-Plat)

It’s not a new avatar at all, I have been using it here for many months…

Well then T-Plat must be borrowing yours.