New Version problems

Just downloaded and installed the now my dvd burner is not being detected? Help!!

Detected by which program? Did you receive an error message? If yes, which one?

Hi there,

Just installed v5.6.1.1 on a test pc at work, and it upgraded fine.

Does your OS see your drive ok ?
Just AnyDVD that doesn’t see it ?

Here’s what I would try.

1- Uninstall AnyDVD, then REBOOT.
2- Make sure your drive works fine in your OS.
3- ReInstall v5.6.1.1 fresh and reboot.

Any luck ?

sry for freaking out. That did work though. I uninstalled anydvd and rebooted then the burner worked again. Woo hoo!! Installed a fresh copy of Anydvd and it is working.

Thx Guys for the Help