New version out: Alcohol 120%

Info from the Alcohol Homepage:
FIX Improved the accuracy of graphic of burning speed and image making speed.
FIX Improved the speed and usage of memory buffer while burning and making image files.
FIX Display more and correct name of DVD manufacturers in the advanced page of CDDVD manager while checking DVD media.
ADD Added support for some special ISO image files, e.g. MAC toast mode ISO image file.
ADD Add CD/DVD device sharing service
FIX Help Files updated.
FIX Improved the reading and writing engines.
FIX Fixed Some DPM of DVD-ROM bugs
FIX Fixed some minor bugs reported by users
FIX Updated Language translations
ADD Added Support for more devices, you can find more detailed information on our development page at


What is Star Wind?

With StarWind you can share your optical drives in a network. Read more about it here

If I was to believe the rumors that were spread about the leaked A120 beta and this very final retail version, it is now capable of circumventing StarForce without fiddling with your drives. I do not have tested it by myself though, as I don’t have any StarForce protected software handy (and probably will never have), but I am sure someone in here will report soon. :wink:

However, good job alcoholics, updates are very appreciated (although my Plextor PX-130A still can’t read out DPM from DVDs)… :flower: :bigsmile:

When I try and copy pc games that are protected by safedisc 3/4 with Alcohol 120% they never work :confused: . I hope in the next version of Alcohol 120% they make safedisc 3/4 copied games work :bow: .

This would be a nice future. :iagree:

I hope it’s true.

Its not the software ashmo, 99.9% of the ability to copy Safedisc v3-v4 is with your writer.

I agree with pollushon.

What’s your writer(s)?

of course (or perhaps :rolleyes: ) SW is a very useful new feature,
however … from time to time i can’t boot my system - desktop hangs during loading - in event viewer i’ve found the only one thing each time when it happened:
“The StarWind iSCSI Service service hung on starting.”
Since i’ve disabled this one - all is OK :clap:
I have installed Silicon Image Sil 3112R SATA RAID card with 2x300GB hdds (driver ver. 1.0.51) - perhaps here is the reason :confused:

is it now possible to make a DPM of a DL-ROM? i.e. Act of War, international version (don’t have this one, yet)?

Damn! This was my Post number 1000! :clap: and i wasted it for such a simple question :sad: :wink:

Alcohol still states “Illegal burn speed” with overspeed media on NEC3500 with mod firmware.

P.s… congrats on your 1,000 post Razor1982.

If you want, I can test the trial version with Trackmania sunrise :slight_smile: , do you say the mounted image could work?

I’m not English and sometimes I don’t understand very well.

I’d appreciate that and yes, I meant that it could work with a mounted image, but it seems to be that the rumors just weren’t true. In the meantime I read several posts in other forums and most people were out of luck with SF and this new version without some kind of “dirty little helper”.

So, I am sorry for the false alarm. :sad:


It is an AOpen 52x CD-R/RW. Alcohol 120% says that it can copy in all raw modes.

Need help how to remove StarWindService in TaskManager, it load-up on windows startup, and how to disable starwind.log file.

simply disable the Service or reinstall Alcohol and choose not to install Starwind.

I cant disable starwind from taskmanager or end task, is there other way to disable it? I don’t want to reinstall it.

You need to enter the Services section of Computer Management. If you have an Administrative Tools menu in your Start => All Programs menu then you can open Services from within that menu. If not you can right click on the My Computer icon on the desktop or in the Start menu and choose Manage, then select the Services section.

Then double-click on the StarWind iSCSI Service, press the Stop button, change Startup Type to either Manual or Disabled and press the Apply button.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how this will affect your Alcohol 120% installation however, as I haven’t tried this myself yet.

It’s work, you’re very helpful, reason is I don’t want it to loadup at startup and used my resouce memory if I don’t use it then I don’t want it sit in my task manager for nothing

I used Taskinfo to remove it and no problems.