New version of VobBlanker 2.1.1

jsoto just released latest version of VobBlanker.

More info here

changelog (from 2.1.0)

Added: Multiple Cut. Cutting at cell level is now supported, so up to one cut per cell can be done per process session.
Added: Cut cells capability in MENU domain.
Added: Added some shortcuts in Main dialog Menu

  • Menu Still all PGCs with audio
  • Menu Still all PGCs w/o audio
  • Menu Delete all no buttons PGCs
    Added: Re-run is now allowed without reload the project if “Use input folder” was not checked
    Added: Error checking in writting process (if disk full, i.e.). Also added a check on the available/required disk space before start processing.
    Added: I’m done audio alarm using two wav files: DoneOK.wav and DoneKO.wav.
    Improvement: Detection of ILV-ed Cells in KEEP mode with automatic activation of Fix VOB internal pointers phase. Very useful when stripping angles.
    Improvement: Detection of angles reading the PGCs in the IFO, instead of trust VIDEO_TS.IFO Titles table. Number of angles modified to one in all PGCs of a processed VTSs.
    Changed: Blank auto now keeps the PGCs with duration longer than 85% of the longest one. Useful for episodic DVDs
    Changed: Using last version of DVDPreview
    Changed: Disabled loading a PGC in Tiny in the case of multiple selection
    Changed: Statically linked mfc42. Seems wine did not work with shared dll
    Changed: Default of Autostart Tiny changed to False.
    BugFix: TMAPTI Overwrites next sector in some cases of wrong input IFOs
    BugFix: Loading “Process Titles” setting from project file was broken in 2.1.0.
    BugFix: Setting to default values in main dialog were the old ones (not updated)
    BugFix: Combinations of Reusing Language Units and deleting/blanking the reused LUs did not work well
    BugFix: Copying Audio Attributes when replacing did not work in some cases
    BugFix: Abort button in cells dialog did not move when resizing
    BugFix: All PGCs were always shown as non-ILVed.
    BugFix: Decoding the subs (to get their duration) failed in some cases, and an additional bug decoding wrong sub commands caused VobBlanker to hang in an infinite loop
    BugFix: Audio and subs attributes were not updated in VMG_VTS_ATRT of VIDEO_TS.IFO when copying the attributes from a replacing PGC. Now, VobBlanker always copies all the attributes (audio/video/subs) from the processed VTSs in menus and titles domain to this table of VMGR.
    BugFix: Copying audio/subs attributes when replacing a PGC did not copy all of the attributes