New version of VCDEasy is released

A new version of VCDEasy, ver 1.1.3, has been released today.

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2002-11-29 - VCDEasy v1.1.3

Hoping I will still continue to receive a few donations, I planned to buy the Binary Magic’s “Magic Cue Burner” delphi component. It has its own ASPI built-in. I will keep the CDRDAO integration into VCDEasy and let the burning method choice to the user.

Next main feature, expected by lots of users, will be the ability to load/save a project…

* Ability to capture in one step the pictures for all your chapters
* Ability to capture a picture from the Media Player box
* Media Player box integration into the chapter page, to ease the choice of chapters, as a start. (thanks to some donations I have received, I bought the TActiveMovie delphi component).?But please, do not send me an email if the Media Player is unable to play one of your file. The player plays what your regular Windows Media Player can play. If you can not play a file... it can be for example because this file is bad, or because you do not have on your Windows the required CODEC (for example, a MPEG2 codec is required to play MPEG2 files... and there is no MPEG2 codec coming with Windows).
* VCDEasy now uses the file "cdrdao-drivers.txt" in the VCDEasy folder to ease the CDRDAO "Force Driver" choice.
* VCDEasy still does not accept network files "servershare..." (limitation from CygWin, the UNIX emulator), but now works with mapped network drive (for example "Z:Videos" which is in fact "servershareVideos")
* Requested by a donator: when you let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, an "Autopadding required" warning is shown if the MPEG file will be padded on the fly (this padding may result to a bad display)
* Requested by a donator: when you let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, an "Bad packets" warning is shown if the MPEG file contains some bad packets (this may result to a bad display)
* Requested by most of the donators: Lots of work around guides for the VCDEasy web site... (a few important guides remain to be done...)
* "Tips of the Day" feature added
* CUE files for CDRDAO v1.1.7 can now have the BIN filename in the long filename format (The CDRDAO CUE parsing bug has been fixed)... but CDRDAO still does not use this BIN filename in the CUE file! So the CUE and BIN file still must be in the same folder with the same filename...
* If you will not use CDRDAO v1.1.5 anymore, you can put "Expert_LongBinNameOnly=1" in the VCDEasy.ini file to have the BIN file name in the long filename format (without the directory information) in the generated CUE files. This can be useful if you use another burning application, and it works with CDRDAO v1.1.7
* CDRDAO v1.1.7 support
* Requested by a donator: Ability to disable "Reload the disc if necessary for writing". NB: With some CD Writers, CDRDAO needs to eject/reload the disk (thus refreshing the status of the inserted disk) for simulation or burn. This reload may cause problems when used with applications like UDF packet writing software
* Requested by a donator: "Do you want to add this non-compliant file anyway ?" added when compliance check failed.
* Requested by a donator: Ability to disable the BURN Proof feature when the CDRDAO driver is generic-mmc or generic-mmc-raw.
* Bug fixed: DEL key deleted two chapter entries in the Chapters page (Thanks to Robert).
* Bug fixed in the XML viewer (Thanks to Bryan).
* Romanian Translation by Virgil Mocanu (Thanks!)