New Version of Traction CD Menu Creator

I just posted the article New Version of Traction CD Menu Creator.

Submitted by: Traction Software

New in v1.01:
Added bitmaps to side of lists
Can now change colors of List backround and foreground text
Search Feature - for…

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R0bby, you’re a fuckin’ moron… Give it up already! This shit is getting really worn out and lame…

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Stavros dude,
There ain’t no reason to pump this idiot any more. PLEASE LET IT GO. For the respect of all the other CD freakers that join the forum for responsible respected exchange of ideas DON’T ENCOURAGE, BUFFOONS like this one.

Ok,Ok, I’ll stop it.

But what the hell can you come up with on such a boring posting? I don’t even know what Traction CD menu creator is. But hey, I’m just a 15 year old. By posting such articles, CDfreaks encourages stupid Vinny-like games. And PaRaDoX, what the (…) do you mean with ‘adult things’? I think that 75% of the posters here on CDfreaks are teens. I’m one of them. And I don’t think CDfreaks was founded just for adults.

Robby, I hate to be condescending but please use your brain before you type in future. The guys who created cdfreaks know why they created it. And if you dont know what the hell it is then follow the link the provide which is why they provide it. And if you just used your brain you’d look at the name CD Menu creator - kinda says it all really.

If a person does not know anything about the program then please dont say anything!!! I think the company posted the article for those who are interested and not those that just want to be here first or start an argument in a forum!

Ermz, so I’m 28 years old… Does this mean I’m too old for CDFreaks?!?

Can’t you read? I said 75% are teens. You’re with that OTHER 25%. Damn, is it so hard to understand? what would CDfreaks be like if 100 ‘Vinnys’ were set on the loose? 99 postings of ‘I was hier first!’ and the one left should say: 'Stupid koekerts!'
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ok all

I would like download a recent firmware to HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H62N. Please send me. Thanks

omg u saved me 50 buks now i dnt need 2 get it fixed thank you so much=]