New Version of Smartburn Utility dated 6/27/2002

Hi I was at liteon website and there is a new Smartburn Utility dated 6/27/2002…I do not have a cd burner at work so I can not evaluate it…

here is the link to the d/ls

here is direct link to file

Released Date : 2002/7/4
Revision : V2.0
Drive Models : for all LITE-ON 48x, 40x & 32x CD-RW

Since LITE-ON 32/40/48X CD-RW drive, Buffer Underrun Protection
Feature is always activated. The new feature of SMART-BURN is
to check CD-R/RW media quality and set burning speed limit
base on this. The burning speed will be limited by the
“SMART-BURN Speed Limit” shown on PC screen.

Once the Media Manufacturer is identificated by the program, it
means LITE-ON CD-RW drive will use dedicated writing strategy
& running optimal power calibration to secure the burning quality.

hehe no more useing 32x or 40x or 48x media cheak programs from litteon !!

this is final versiop v2.0
for all liteon versions hehehehe :slight_smile:

Strange that the release date is 4th of July :smiley:

Originally posted by JVasek
Strange that the release date is 4th of July :smiley:

hehe i just noticed that my self lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that was the programs original release date and they put it out under the release date time :slight_smile:

thats the only explination i can tell :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: