New version of Plextools released (2.23)

Headline of post says it all. Updated Ogg Vorbis support, eject after DAE, some minor bug fixes (such as ASC-29320 controller support and proxy settings)

Thanks Beeder.

Direct download with English manuals
Other languanges:

Change log:

<LI>Updated OggVorbis libraries to version 1.1.0
Added: <LI>DAE: new option: eject disc after extraction
Bug Fix: several minor bug fixes (Proxy settings, ASC-29320 controller, and others)

Hehe…didn’t someone complain recently about Plextools using an older version of Ogg Vorbis?, :slight_smile:

And now they’ve updated it to the latest version, guess it shows once again they ARE listening and reading what we say and making improvements.


OP can stop bitching now:

Isn’t anyone going to ask the obvious?? :slight_smile:

Thx for the heads up Beeder and zev for link. :wink:

Looks like they didn’t fix the Media Quality Check for MCC 004 @16x. Maybe it’s in the FW.

What happened to 2.22?

2.23 is probably 2.22 plus an emergeny job in updating OGG to keep us fanatics at bay. :smiley: :wink: :iagree:

new version of XL coming soon too…mid May.