New version of PlexTools Professional 2.25



a new version 2.25 of the Plextools Professional is aviable on the Plextools Website (
The change log:

  • General: Updated OggVobis libraries to V1.1.1
  • DAE: Improved LAME options
  • CD/DVD ROM Maker: If the size of the project exceeds 4700MB, the volume bar will auto-adjust itself.
  • Q-Check Beta/Jitter Test: Improved Beta and Jitter results.
    Bug Fix:
  • Disc Copy: Pressing ‘Save’ at the end of the DVD-Copy write process, can - crash the software.
  • AudioCD Player: The track position indication can be incorrect.


Thanks for reporting jojoM!

It looks like they fixed the Beta/Jitter problems people reported.


What screenshot do you conclude that from? :slight_smile:


None alex :slight_smile: My comment is purely based on the changelog which is why I said “it looks”. I am awaiting confirmation from our members :wink:


It does indeed:


Thanks for confirming hwp, good work :slight_smile:


PlexTools 2.25 does indeed fix the Beta/Jitter problems for CD-Rs exhibited by earlier versions of the program. Here is a BJ test using 2.25. This same CD-R couldn’t even complete the BJ test using 2.23 or 2.24. The test previously aborted after wild fluctuations. Completely different result now.


I just played around a bit with the new lame settings. I’ve had PT2.25 crash several times after selecting anything in the “quality presets” and then staring the extraction. Then it suddenly worked and then started crashing PT again. So far i’ve found now way to reproduce this. It looks like the new option-interface still needs some work.

Anyone else having observed the same behaviour?


Me too. :a


I haven’t had a chance to test the newest LAME features out much, but I reported this crashing thing in relation to extraction (with LAME, at least) in 2.24b. Thanks hwp and Poaalpina for testing & reporting on this. Our feedback obviously helps Plextor move things forward.


I have crash with 2.25 when I want extract from LAME encoder.!!!


The guys of Plextor tech support (EU) told me that they found the bug in the program, so it will be fixed in the next release of Plextools. In the meantime, to let DAE->LAME work it is enough to unmark the ‘Error Log’ feature in the Options -> Preferences -> Digital Audio Extraction tab, under ‘DAE Error Recovery’. I’ve tried and I can confirm that it works for me. :iagree:

Regards, :slight_smile:





Thanks eltranquil, it works now! :slight_smile:


I almost never use Error Log, and I was still getting the crash back in 2.24. I’m glad it seems to be working for some people, though.


A different problem, maybe…