New version of Nero v6.3.13_JPN



New nersion of Nero v6.3.13 is out (named Sony JPN).

Download it here.



just a question; is this for non-european versions ? (JPN notation - and the fact that its not on Aheads official european home page)

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There’s a new version of InCD as well…on ftp3




so Ahead just release new versions every few weeks, as thay hack away at the code. Would it not be more sensible to use some software that is actually solid and doesn’t require updating every other day as they guess there way randomly though trying to make the piece of crap software actually work?

Nero Burning ROM
Burn Process failed at 4x (as we speak)

Never have I used such a shiitty piece of software in my life. anyone who does use it is a fool.


I am sorry you have problems with this software but i assure you that thousands of other users dont. Please refrain from marking other people as fools and stick to the problems at hand. Thank you.


I just installed this version and now Nero Info Tool won’t run it keeps on crashing out when detecting software, just after it detects Nero Backit Up


Is this a free upgrade for Nero 6.0 or do you have to pay for it? and do you need a different serial number.


If you have a full version of nero 6.0 it is a free upgrade

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I have fixed my problem with InfoTool, PowerDVD was conflicting with it when InfoTool was doing a software detect. I uninstalled PowerDVD then reinstalled it now all is fine.

I think the problem actually started with PowerVCR II, it and PowerDVD 5 didn’t like each other so I removed PowerVCR and I thought everything else was ok, but as it turned out everything wasn’t. :slight_smile: :wink: