New Version of Nero 7 (

There is a new version of Nero 7 (release, dated December 22nd, available for download on Nero site.

I can’t figure out what Nero is doing with Nero 7. It seems every update has the same problems and some new ones. Looks like it will be a very long time before 7 is stable.

I don’t agree. Solved a lot of Multisession problems that I was having with my Benq DW1640. Also solved the problems that the Benq had with DVD+RW…a step in the right direction…


Thanks for the info!!

Whats new in the latest version of Nero



I wonder if this one will actually install?

Hi :slight_smile:
As it’s xmas click here for Nero 7 update.

for some reason everytime i dl the update it turns my nero into the demo what gives?

does this update fix the skipping audio cd’s?

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It’s a demo/update. If it turns your legit copy into a true demo. It implies something wrong with original install.
In add/remove it may show demo (this is a bug that Nero claimed would be sorted in update), but program itself should show it as registered.

yeah but when i install it it takes off all my plugins and i cant readd them.

I have Nero and I am afraid to install the new version because I am not having any problems with this one. I have all the frills and no problems that everybody else is experiencing, so I will wait until this version get its act together.

I finally got this version to install after removing the old version 7. I don’t get the yahoo crap they want us to install. I’ve checked the wrong download by accident.

Since Nero is not free there should NEVER be an option for a Yahoo toolbar.

I finally gave up and went back to 6. I tried everything I could think of and never could get 7 to accept my serial number.

It is very unlikely that I will ever purchase another Nero product.

I ran (I think) for a short while. My Verbatim 16x media wouldn’t burn faster than 6x though… Went back to and later .18 and that same media burns up to 15.9x.

Anything to suggest I won’t have this problem again with my media ?? There were some little things that were fixed or improved in v7 that I liked over v6 but with the above issue, I’d rather stick with v6.

Do you think Nero ever reads any of these posts? I wouldn’t go near Nero 7 series if they paid me to test the program.

Uhh, ya I have this problem, downloading update to see…

I agree with you. Nero is perfect! :iagree:

Nero 7.x.x.x is a buggy-suite! :sad: :sad: :sad:

hi all

i am a newbie and did not want to start my own thread so if you don’t mind I am joining this nero 7 thread

I have got nero 7 and I thought its a good time as any to turn raw footage into dvds

so I created an MPEG-2 (abouyt 3.2 GB) which run just fine however when I use nero vision express 4 (part of nero 7 suite) the voice starts lagging way behind the picture. the last 8 minutes of my video are without any voice…

can anyone suggest a solution… I don’t have any other version of nero to roll back to…


This is what my Mom does also. She’s been taking old home videos and putting them on DVD for the family and stuff. She uses Nero7Ultra, and to edit the videos, she uses Pinnacle studio 9. She’s run into that voice lag problem many times and with many different pieces of software. I may be wrong about why it happens, but I know that what we did fixed it. I’ll also apologize to the Admins since this is a little off topic.

The very first important thing is “Where are you putting your saved files” If you’ve used computers for a long time you may already know about file fragmentation. Capturing and encoding video to your hard drive uses large amouts of hard drive space. Since most of your captures are encoded as one very large file, you do best to have a very large piece of contiguous file space on your hard drive. A fragmented file can wreak havok on your video software and your video creations by slowing down the encoding and transcoding processes. Before beginning a capture, always Defragment your hard drive and check it for errors. If you’re not sure how to do this just private message me.

Another first important thing is how are you getting your video onto your computer? Most video capture devices must have up-to-date DirectX 9+ drivers for audio and video capture devices to keep up with each other. We noticed that when capturing video, if frames of video where lost or dropped, audio would not match and eventually get totally out of time. Some file types, like MPG, correct this problem I think with time matching for the audio and video, but when you transcode the video using Nero or any other program, the timestamps get re-written ( I think ) and the audio gets off. What happens for example, is that where you encode 16.25 seconds of Audio, your video only encodes 16.05 seconds or vice-versa.

The next important thing is the actual file type you capture to. MPG is great because it uses less hard drive space, but if you’re having problems with voice, you might capture as an AVI file. The AVI capture does use a lot more hard drive space, but it also drops less (if any) frames of video. You can do something similar with MPG, by adjusting your recording settings of your MPG encoder. For example, mine are set like this, and I have not had any dropped frames or audio lag:
Video:720x480 NTSC 55.76MB/Minute
Audio:44,100 KHz 16 bit stereo
Some capture programs have presets. Set it for the highest quality.

Once you’ve eliminated dropped frames, your audio lag should disappear. If it does not, your PC may not be able to handle the processor bandwidth to encode video correctly. This can usually be remedied by increasing your system RAM, and increasing your Video Ram (in CMOS if it is integrated) or adding an updated Video Card with at least 128mb of RAM. This is what my Mom’s old PC was, and she experienced lag frequently, but it was correctable:
2.0 gHz AMD Athlon (266 mHz front side bus)
768 mb RAM
WinXP Home, Pinnacle Studio 9, Nero 5.5
Radeon 9200 All in Wonder Video Capture with 128 mb Ram
60 gig primary hard drive (5400 RPM)
80 gig secondary hard drive (7200 RPM, to store videos)
Her new PC, with absolutely no problems with audio lag:
AMD Athlon 64 3000 (1600 mHz front side bus)
1 gig RAM
WinXP Home, Pinnacle Studio 9, Nero7Ultra
ATI X200 integrated graphics card
ATI Video Capture Card (can’t remember what it’s called, bought it at Best Buy)
80 gig primary and secondary hard drives (both 7200 RPM)

I sure hope this helps you. I know the videos that Mom has been doing have been very entertaining. At Christmas, the whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) all gathered around the TV to watch her Christmas video, and all wanted copies. Good Luck

I just re-installed after having a bad day with I’ll have to reinstall the upgrade so I can access my NeroVision projects that I create in that version.

Is there any reason to upgrade to Is there a manifest somewhere that lists the fixes as well as what new bugs were added?

Thanks for any comments.