New Version of Ghost



Symantec bought out Power Quest and has issued a new version of Ghost ver. 9.0.
These are its key features

NEW! “Hot imaging” lets you create backup images without restarting Windows®. *

NEW! Incremental backup updates save time and disk space.*
NEW! Scheduled backups automatically keep your backup image up to date.*
Backs up everything on a hard drive or partition.
Works with a wide range of hard drives and removable media, including CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives, USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) devices, and Iomega® Zip® and Jaz® drives.
Restores data from images created with PowerQuestâ„¢ Drive Imageâ„¢ 7.0 and previous versions of Norton Ghost.*
Symantec Recovery Disk lets you restore data from a backup image even when the computer can’t start up into Windows.
LiveUpdateâ„¢ keeps Norton Ghost updated automatically over the Internet.

Norton Ghost 2003 is included to back up and restore data to: Windows 9x, Me, NT; Linux®; and DOS systems.
*This feature is not available with Norton Ghost 2003.


If I were to buy “ghost” would it be able to copy a bootable version of my “c” drive to a different preferably SATA drive?


You can already do that with Ghost 2003, at least if the SATA controller is properly recognized by the program (like the Sil3120 embedded in my ASUS mobo :wink: ).




I avoid ALL Symantec products!


I don’t you can do this with an image file as I think the drives need to be the same size and so forth. However there is the clone facility in 2003 which I think can do it.

Personnally I like Ghost. It has always worked for me and I have never had any problems with it.


use TrueImage - this software rocks!!!
what ghost was not able to, TrueImage does without any problems!
in our company we use TrueImage to backup all pc’s to a backup-server - on every pc here is a MS SQL database running, that has to swap between 2 and 5 GB of data every day - and TrueImage backup’s the pc’s while you can work with 'em - you don’t have to shut down the SQL-server - ghost failed doing that job…


This depends how you set the image up before you make it. Run the program SYSPREP from Microsoft before making the image with the /pnp switch will make the image detect all hardware. After the image is deployed and you have reboot the system, Windows check the with Hardware manager what you got in the system. SYSPREP is free…


wow they bought out powerquest :eek:


Ja, almost 2 years ago…


oh yea now I remember.
its been awhile since I last used ghost


The most robust imaging software is one that DOES NOT run in windows. All windows-based proggies must achieve a “lock” on the OS to effectively create the image file. When imaging OUTSIDE of windows, all files are dormant.


I only use the dos version of ghost. :wink:

I haven’t used ghost in a while, but I think they added an option a version or two ago that applies a sysprep type tool on the image.

Ghost is probably the only thing from Symantec I use. Overall, I agree with furballi :iagree:


TrueImage can also create a bootable CD / DVD that is linux-based - you can use this cd/dvd for both - backup and recover data… reading and WRITING to NTFS partitions is supported and works very good… most actual hardware (especially LAN, SATA) is also supported by this linux-based boot cd/dvd…


Bootit ng can reside in its own partition. NO NEED FOR BOOT DISC. It also comes with boot loader and partitioning tools. The entire program fits in ONE 3/5" floppy. Can’t beat the $35 price. The trial program is FULLY functional for 30 days. The trial version of True Image is CRIPPLED WARE.


trueImage also has the ability to reside in it’s own virtual partition - so, also, no need for a bootdisc, but the boot-cd is great for a quick backup of any pc without having to install something…
who needs a floppy? i don’t own a floppy drive for more than 3 years now and never missed it…
damn, the trial-thing is no argument - it is just fact that trueimage can handle much more complex scenarios; especially for complex software situations (as mentioned in my first post in this thread) it is unbeaten…

i don’t say that ghost is bad, i’m just saying that trueimage is just a little step better… :wink:


The Bootit program CAN fit in a floppy. True Image cannot. Can TI multi-boot? Can TI partition hard drive? Can TI manage an unlimited number of primary partitions? What about the $35 price tag? The process of imaging should be SIMPLE. Go to the TI forum and read all those compatibility issues with WINDOWS. Bootit is OS INDEPENDENT. If it can read your BIOS, then it will work as advertised.

How many users require all those bells and whistles found in TI?


i used to use a lot of symantec products for years (internet security, AV, SystemWorks) but have since purged my PCs of them for good reason…bloatware, too many sys resources, product activation, etc. etc. there are many cheaper, better alternatives to symantec products.

read this:


Only Symantec software I have is ghost 2003. Tried newer version but its got a big downfall. You have to boot from original symantec disk before you can put the image back on drive. not good. With 2003 version you boot from the disc you have becked the image to


I have given up on the Norton AV and switched to AVG Free edition, but I still use their PF2005 which is very good, some parts of System Works 2005(I don’t load all of it), Ghost 2003 and WinFAX 10.04 ( I don’t really like this product and I am looking for better Fax software).