New version of Fantom CD released! v1.1.7 build #1104

The latest version of Fantom CD comming now!
[1.1.7 build 1104] - the recording part is in FINAL BETA now!

Just backup the original fcdm.exe and use this one for testing! (only for and later)

!!!We didn’t do any limit for the recording methods of the CD-R Writer even the writer didn’t support it.!!!
The Next version of Fantom CD will avoid you to select the unsupported recording mode for your CD-Recorder. We are creating the supported CD-Recorders and the ability of CD-Recorders to avoid some problems such as the recording mode of CD-Recorders. After this support list be done, the Fantom CD will be out-off beta.

What’s new and fix in this version?[ul][li] Add RAW DAO recording mode.(RAW16,RAW96 will be identified automatically)
[/li][li] Allow user to use more memory buffer.(MAX :128MB)
[/li][li] Fix the multi-session recording problem in some recorder.
[/li][li] Fix the problem that cannot turn off the OLD version justspeed feature.
[/li][li] Fix the problem when recording CCD format with multi-track/sessions.[/ul]
[/li][Download Fantom CD 1.1.7 build 1104 beta version]
Main Site : [Download]
Mirror Site : [Download]
Mirror Site : [Download] Offer by Phoenix
Mirror Site : [Download] Offer by Bob Hindal

BTW, the NEXT version of Fantom CD will unlock the premastering part.

WOW great Ill try it today and give you some feedback.