New version of Edonkey2000

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An update of Edonkey2000, a peer to peer network sharing client. Edonkey2000 should let us forget about Napster and can be used to exchange all kinds of file types. The…

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sounds like a cool prg gonna try that one soon… TNX

It sounds good but it´s great shit!!

Why even try it? I did, and never will again.

After I got CuteMX( I never want anything else. It’s faster and more relaible then EDonkey 2000.

cutemx is spyware. it lets microshit etc look in on what u r doing

That’s right, but it won’t if you’re properly firewalled.

btw … just tried audignome … & i think its GUI SUCKZ !!!

but anyway the resuming feature is nice …

damn typing mistakes …