New version of EazyVCD is out

Yep, a new version of EazyVCD is out, ver 1.14. It now does SVCD as well as XSVCD.

Get it from

Change Log is:
Version 1.14

  • Fixed Bug “Auto shutdown function would not shutdown PC untill msg box was cleared”
  • Fixed Bug “Would cause a Run-Time Error 62 if dvd drive was not fully unlocked”
  • Fixed Bug “Would cause a ‘Division by zero’ error if a Program Chain of less than one second was selected”
  • Fixed Bug “If an LPCM audio track was selected the movie would contain no audio”
  • Fixed Bug “If an MPEG audio track was selected, it would cause errors, or their would be no audio in movie”
  • Fixed Bug “Removed DTS audio tracks from the list as no decoder is available for DTS and movie will contain no audio”
  • Fixed Bug “BeSweet now rips the audio from the vob file and uses the hex id to identify the correct track, this will avoid any problems with track mapping and audio type”
  • Fixed Bug “if you loaded in an evt file, and “Only Rip Vob’s” was selected, it would try to rip the vob’s again”
  • Enhancement “Now uses ‘Soften Block Noise’ in TMPGEnc for smother encoding quality”
  • Enhancement “Vstrip now only rips the streams requested, this will save on HDD space and also speed”
  • Enhancement “DVD2AVI is no longer used during ripping process as Vstrip is creating the project file and BeSweet is reading audio from vobs. NOTE: DVD2AVI still need to be in Eazy VCD so it can read the project file in TMPGEnc”
  • added function “Will now encode to SVCD”
  • added function “Will now encode to XSVCD”

Known Bugs

  • The first time you use Eazy VCD and it get’s up to the TMPGEnc Encoding stage, TMPGEnc will show you a Splash screen, you must select the “Don’t show this dialog again at startup” check box and then click ok. You will never see it again.

To Do List

  • add support for ripping to DVD
  • add support for subs and chapters

Note that TMPGEnc encoder included in Eazy VCD is trial version(30 day). If you own a registered version, then here is a simple solution to make Eazy VCD “full version”. Install Eazy VCD then install your
TMPGEnc registered version. Go to prgram files, then Eazy VCD and DELETE TMPGEnc! Go to where you installed TMPGEnc and CUT& PASTE to the Eazy VCD folder (where TMPGEnc was located). Open TMPGEnc and UNCHECK “Don’t show this dialog again at startup” check box and then click ok. You will never see it again. Now you have a full version of the latest Eazy VCD :smiley:

Note If you use TMPGEnc encoder for other software installed such as DVD2SVCD and you use TMPGEnc to convert files, the you would COPY& PASTE, not cut& paste. I don’t do many VCD’s, mainly SVCD and use CCE encoder :smiley: :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Have you tested the svcd function of the new version yet cm? If so, what do you think of it and is it as easy to use as the no-brainer vcd function (which is essential for someone like me who knows precisely squat about dvd ripping save that eazyvcd does it all for me :wink: :slight_smile: )?

No I havent but a friend just did last night and he recons its as good as his DVD2SVCD conversions. Like its using TMPGEnc as the encoder 2 pass so results will be quite good.

Just remember the version of TMPGenc is the free version and runs out in 30days and TMPGEnc Pluss really needed for endless SVCD conversions.

I was going to test Eazy VCD to SVCD last night and after I chose 2 pass with TMPGEnc encoder with highest quality ticked, time remaining said 60 hours :frowning: Maybe you can post the proper settings so I, or anyone else here at the forum can give this a try to compare their results to DVD2SVCD?

Shoebedobedoo :cool:
My average time to encode using DVD2SVCD (multi-pass vbr 3) is about 14 hours.
Athlon 950

New update avalable to fix a couple of errors. Could solve your probs.

Guess what?
I found a few more bugs.
one was that i didn’t package a changed bat file (woops) and another one was that i forgot to put a command to BeSweet to fix the A/V delay.

So I’ve fixed these bugs up and released yet another patch that will update Eazy VCD v1.14 and 1.14a to Eazy VCD 1.14c.

The patch is only about 100K and you can download it [/b]