New version of DVDFab Decrypter

New version of available

DVDFab Decrypter

Changelog (07/14/2005)

  • New: Command Line Switches added.
  • Change: Better Sony ARccOS protection removal.
  • Fix: Output files cannot be accepted by DVD Shrink and Nero Recode, when copying Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.

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Meanwhile there’s out! Of course, same link like posted above!

Haven’t had a chance yet to test it. Anyway, if DVDShrink and Recode will accept the output, that’s welcome news. Much appreciated. :clap: Also, the changelog says better ARccOS removal. Very good, the last one I tried it with (House of Flying Daggers, R1) took nearly 3 hours to rip. DVDDecrypter did the same disc in 22 minutes flat. Many thanks to Fengtao, and here’s hoping the program continues to be updated. :cool:

Does someone have informations about changelog?

the change log you posted for is for afaik.

Just curious, why is it that companies like DVDIdle can sell this kind of software, but 321 Studios was sued out of existance for selling software with the exact same functionality?

Because Fengtao (Dvd Idle) is based in China rather than the US and different laws apply.

Ahh…Makes sense. Being based in China its probably more accurate to say no laws apply :cop:

I just hope that someone it china can restore the original dvd Decrypter :bow: to its old glory based on that jethroXP said. :iagree:

I’m curious about that as well. Wasn’t support for DVD Decrypter only recently suspended? Does the program no longer work? It would seem to me that it should continue to work fine, though it will eventually grow stale as it won’t be updated. From some of the posts here about it, you’d think that the program was vanishing from people’s hard drives. Am I missing something?

Hey JethroXP,

Yea, DVD Decrypter was recently suspended like at April or May. The program itself still works, its just that it can no longer update so it cant crack the new protections on the newer dvds.

Ok, that’s what I thought. Still though, I’d hardly call it dead. DVD X Copy hasn’t been updated in more than a year and I still use it to backup DVDs without any problems. I’m sure one day I’ll hit a DVD that it can’t copy, just as I’m sure that will one day happen with DVD Decrypter. I was just surprised by some of the posts here, which sounded as if no additional support somehow meant having to find a new program to use right now. It would seem to me that you’d only need to find a new program when the one you currently use no longer works, which doesn’t appear to be the case for DVD Decrypter.

What we mean by “dead” is that it can no longer be updated to crack the latest dvd protection.

I agree with you but now the movie industry is going to have a new copy protection on their newer dvds so in a case more then half the new dvd cant be ripped by DVD Decrypter unless use along with latest version of Anydvd.

Yes, and emphasis on “new” protection. To my knowledge, DVDDecrypter can and will for the foreseeable future beat ALL ARccOS bad sector protection. You may have to create a PSL file, it’s a bit of a pain and it takes more time to do so. But there you are. So there will have to be something entirely new and very clever in the way of protection to completely defeat DVDDecrypter, and the DVD will still have to be playable on existing set-top players. A tall order. :wink:

Disclaimer: Please let me know if I’m being annoying, I’m really not trying to beat a dead horse, just trying to better understand the issues.

What I don’t understand is just how common these new protection schemes will be? I’ve only ever used DVD X Copy for my backups and I’ve yet to find a movie that it can’t backup. By the definition of “Dead” used here, DVD X Copy is a rotting corpse in the ground, as it hasn’t had any updates in over a year. Yet just last week I backed up “Kill Bill” vol 1 & 2, and “Collateral”. No problems with any of them. Am I just lucky to have not yet hit a disc with the new protection schemes being mentioned here?

Hi there folks;
I’m fairly new here - and after finding a thread that talked about a link to tutorials using DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink and DVDFab - I searched here looking for info on DVDFab…so I have the first 2 already, just not DVDFab.

Anywho - I managed to buy DVD X Copy Platinum Edition for $27.99 from a few months ago, and then found out about some “registration” number was needed?

I haven’t yet used ANY of the software listed above (no DVDRW yet, but real soon) …getting ready to use the software - and…

I would like to know about DVD X Copy, as far as any surprises when installing and “Registration” numbers, and having to actually “register” (or enter a alphanumeric number ?) the product just to Install and Use it ??

Thanks for any - all info

I noticed DVDFab is a “trial” version ? and must be bought eventually ? Is this app even necessary – should I just use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 ?

BTW - here’s the thread;
and here’s the link to the Newbie made post w/tutorials in PDF format

Just thought i’d say that i’ve just tested the new version of dvdfab on “12 Monkeys” and it ripped it in about 25 minutes - DVD Decrypter took 40(but then that might be my PC) :slight_smile:

DVD shrink accepts the output with no problems - burning it as we speak .