New version of dvddecrypter NEC change

New dvddecrypter has a change for NEC drive bitsettings…

*Added: Support for NEC (new style), Plextor and AOpen (use RICOH tab) Bitsetting

Where can I set the bitsetting in this program? I installed the new version on my PC but I can’t find it in this version. Maybe because i have a NEC-3520?

there is a button neare the write speed… (right side) prss it and go to nec… here is the bitsetting option… ihope you find it i have to search too :wink:


firmare updates looks interesting.

p200002: Why??? it only refers you to

Clicking on the Book in the lower right hand corner of the interface also envokes the bitsetting options.


Added: Support for different/newer types of ‘structure protection’
Added: Support for NEC (new style), Plextor and AOpen (use RICOH tab) Bitsetting
Added: Option to not display the dialog box about loading the MDS and not the ISO
Added: Support for running on multimonitor displays
Changed: Burn engine to relieve stress (caused by a fast executing ‘While’ loop) on the I/O subsystem when doing the ‘Lead-In’ stage of the burn
Changed: Window snapping so that it snaps on the middle of the screen and not just at the edges
Changed: ‘SetWriteParameters’ function to attempt to use the drive specified ‘link size’. Also changed to hopefully fix some total failures in setting the parameters on certain drives
Changed: Write retries have been reintroduce (old default = 0, new = 20)
Changed: Drag + Drop code enabled / disabled at different times to help prevent some subclassing problems due to ThemeManager - could cause access violations on some PCs when the app is closed
Changed: Added another URL to the ‘check for program update’ code
Changed: Behaviour of ‘Browse’ dialog for ISO Write source files. It will now select the nearest folder to the one last selected
Changed: volume label change code to support split image where the backup volume descriptor is at the end of the disc
Fixed: A bug in the ‘check for program update’ code that could mean 1 failure causes all the retries to fail too
Fixed: UDF volume label changing code to recalculate descriptor CRC + checksum
Fixed: Major slow down on some ‘structure protected’ discs
Fixed: A problem with some DVDRAM discs, reading them to images and trying to change the volume label

Thanks all. I found it. They could make this button a little better vissible as a button.

You can also rightclick anywhere along the drive ID string in the list box…

Wesociety: You mean the way I did in the screen shot ? =)

exactly, but you didn’t mention right-click :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx for the screenshot!

I still have my Mad Dog at FW 2FA and will see if it works.


Yup, selecting NEC comes up and says I have 500 changes left.

I have set booktype to dvdrom with WinBTypeV2.exe for DVD+R/DVD+R DL.
Do I need to set temporary booktype in DVDdecrypter for DVD+R/DVD+R DL?


smyang - you do for +R DL disks. Read the FAQ in the Liggy/Dee firmware threads.

Thank for all your quicly reply.