New version of DVD2one being developed, adds Join Mode



I just posted the article New version of DVD2one being developed, adds Join Mode.

Lenco used our news submit to tell us that on the DVD2one Forum we can read that the authors of the DVD2one software are currently working on a new version. This new version will add a…

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I’ve been waiting for this feature for some time now! Hopefully Elby’s CloneDVD will have this feature in a future release!!


But how many will it allow you to join? Presumably just two titles? What about if one wanted to say backup Red Dwarf, but the episodes only. You’d have six seperate episodes in each case after ripping. So what about extending the “JOIN” feature so that it strings something like this together on one disc? Presently doing one-one backups of BBC DVDs tends to leave you with a copy that’s passable but visibly and audibly not as good as the original because of the large amounts of data involved.


Looking at the second screenshot, it does not say if it will let you join 2 or more. I would assume that you can join files until the disc is full (well that makes the most sense to me:) )


DVDShrink 3.0 Beta allows you to join multiple titles together from different source DVDs. It does not appear to do it like the DVD2One’s seamless method. Instead each title is a different “title” which contains all the chapters from the originals. Some DVD players cannot skip back to previous titles (ie. once you play tile1 and then title2 you cannot go back to title1) unless you stop playback and start over again. This is not really a big deal though. I used it to backup my Gangs of New York onto one DVDR.