New version of DVD decrypter


*Added: Support for different/newer types of ‘structure protection’
*Added: Support for NEC (new style), Plextor and AOpen (use RICOH tab) Bitsetting
*Added: Option to not display the dialog box about loading the MDS and not the ISO
*Added: Support for running on multimonitor displays
*Changed: Burn engine to relieve stress (caused by a fast executing ‘While’ loop) on the I/O subsystem when doing the ‘Lead-In’ stage of the burn
*Changed: Window snapping so that it snaps on the middle of the screen and not just at the edges
*Changed: ‘SetWriteParameters’ function to attempt to use the drive specified ‘link size’
*Changed: Write retries have been reintroduce (old default = 0, new = 20)
*Changed: Drag + Drop code enabled / disabled at different times to help prevent some subclassing problems due to ThemeManager - could cause access violations on some PCs when the app is closed
*Changed: Added another URL to the ‘check for program update’ code
*Changed: Behaviour of ‘Browse’ dialog for ISO Write source files
*Changed: volume label change code to support split image where the backup volume descriptor is at the end of the disc
*Fixed: A bug in the ‘check for program update’ code that could mean 1 failure causes all the retries to fail too
*Fixed: UDF volume label changing code to recalculate descriptor CRC + checksum
*Fixed: Major slow down on some ‘structure protected’ discs
*Fixed: A problem with some DVDRAM discs, reading them to images and trying to change the volume label

Looks like this is the highly anticipated update that bypasses arccos. :wink:

Wow, thanks a lot! :rolleyes:
I love that program. :bow: :bow:


It already did bypass it on older discs, Res Evil 2 and that just use a newer version.

Yes, this should deal with that.

hats off to ya for designing such a great program.

you deserve a big thanks, LIGHTNING UK!.


Excuse my ignorance, but I was unable to find much information on this program from the website. What does this program do? My interest is finding a program that can let me backup a video DVD to a DVD DL. I do not want to lose the special features, I don’t want to compress the video further. Essentially, I’d like to “clone” the DVD with one program and not have to run a proggy like AnyDVD in addition to a DVD copying program in order to backup a video DVD that I own and would like to keep from getting scratched up. Can this program do it?

Yes, just read the disc to an ISO using ISO Read mode, then burn it back to a DVD+R DL disc using ISO Write mode.

Thanks. I was told that this could not be done except using two separate programs.

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: