New version of Clone DVD 2 again Version


nobody have seen it yet?
There is again a new version of Clone DVD 2, now it is Version
You will find it here:Clone DVD 2 :cool:

Have fun

Dear Olli:
1.Thank you to release this new verion(add Chinese Big5 supported by Sofmap)

Version 2005 01 26 
New: CloneDVD can now shutdown the computer, after it has successfully finished the operation.

Does this new function enabled by default?
Can I disable this (after burning successfully I don`t want to shutdown my computer because Iwant to check this disc)?..
Thank you for reply

Sorry,I find the answer

:slight_smile: No problem! :slight_smile:

Is there a plan to reduce the high CPU load when burning in File mode?


Thanks Olli. You actually honored my request…I am honored. Thanks Man :slight_smile:

Thanks sometimes when i have to do a disc late @ night i would normally have to wait till its done to switch off the computer (as its in the bedroom and quite noisy) now i can go to bed and let it be…

dallshead, I have (or had) the exact same delimma. I can’t sleep with the computer fan going.

Sure, if I knew the reason!

You were not alone… this was requested by a lot of people.

to reduce High CPU time, try disabling any real-time scanning going on, such as anti-virus, or anti-spyware. If you do that, then diable all net connections before disabling them.

I tested CloneDVD and Nero under the same condition…no antivirus, no firewall, no spyware, and no other proggies running in the background. If you checked out my other post, you will see that the CPU load during 4X burn does not exceed 2% for Nero. This includes FILE mode and ISO mode burns.

I saw similar CPU load a few years ago with Easy CD Creator 5. That’s when I switched to Nero 5. Note that the test was performed with a CLEAN install of W2K Pro SP1. I have several image files that I can restore to quickly evaluate problematic software.

@ Ollie,

Were you able to duplicate my results?


Not yet. I don’t see such high CPU use on my XP systems. I need to set up a Win2k test box (but I will use SP4) to have a look, if I find the time. The high kernel times usage indicate a possible problem in the Windows Filesystem. CloneDVD uses asynchronous & unbuffered File I/O. This should result in low CPU & memory usage with very high throuput (at least in theory). I know, that Nero doesn’t use unbuffered I/O. But I am only guessing.

“CloneDVD can now shutdown the computer, after it has
successfully finished the operation”
How/where to disable this optiion.
I cant find the answer.
Sorry Olly, Marlowe


If you use CloneDVD, you’ll see it. To prevent unwanted shutdowns, CloneDVD will not remember this setting, and the setting is not in the preferences pane. It is in the processing window, where the sheep eats CPU cycles. So you can immediately see, if this option is enabled / disabled.

@ Olly,



I have a request, @Olli. Would it be possible to incorporate a “Test Mode” for burning, so that if write problems are being encountered we can stop wasting discs?

In times of “burn proof” etc. test mode is a waste of time. You aren’t interested in buffer underruns, but in “real media problems”. It is very unlikely, that such problems can be detected in test mode.

Thanks Ollie. Still, the CPU load should be the same with FILE mode and ISO mode when burning with CloneDVD, correct? I’m using the same write speed, burner, movie, etc…

Your CPU load will not hit 40% in FILE mode if you have a better PC. Remember that my system is only a 600 MHz PIII. However, your PC should show that CloneDVD uses more CPU load during 4X burn when comparing to Nero. 40% vs. 2% is a huge jump. If I use CloneDVD to burn an ISO file, then the CPU load drops to about 9%. Much better now, but still higher than Nero. Doesn’t this sound like something is not shutting down in CloneDVD when burning in FILE mode?

I will run more tests today, but with a clean WXP Pro SP1 image file comparing CloneDVD and Nero in FILE and ISO mode. I suspect the result will be similar. The CPU load may be higher because WXP needs more CPU clock time to do the same amount of work.


That wasn’t actually my point! I wasn’t meaning it for use in detecting problems, rather in situations where exhaustive testing is needed to isolate problems, without wasting discs.

As an example, about 18 months ago I had a problem with a Sony drive (DRU-510a). It was a fairly intermittent problem where burns were failing (during lead in, thankfully). I was able to use DVD Decrypter’s “Test Mode” to simulate burns without wasting discs. The drive still failed on regular occasions so I was able to take that evidence to Sony & they replaced the drive.

This is one of the reasons I prefer to create ISOs after ripping/transcoding. Then I can use Decrypter to burn.