NEW version of BlindWrite?

To the BlindWrite Team,

I was just wondering when a new version of BW will be released?
A version that defeats Securom good and proper, so that we don’t have to use any EMULATION. I realise that some of us here have made successful backups of UT2003, but that depends what they class as a successful backup. If it means that burning 2 CDs (one for Installing, one for Playing) to backup CD1 of UT2003, then I DON"T class that as a backup. Sorry about sounding like a grouch, but I paid $85Aus for UT2003, so its a game that I’d like to put back in the box and keep it nice and new! Then I’d just like to rely on a “ONE CD Backup” solution.

Please don’t be offended about my comments, as I (along with many others) appreciate your efforts in creating reliable software. It’s just that you guys are so close, so I was wondering when a new version of BW will be released. :bow:

Could we see BlindWrite 4.3.2??? :smiley:

version 4.2.6 will be online soon…
2 solutions will be available :

with Autoplay Emulation ( only 1 cd for install and play )
without Autoplay ( like the 4.2.5 ) which will require 2 Cds sometimes…

I outline the “sometimes” because it completely depends on the reader used, some reader take the bwa cd for install and play without any problem.

i installed and play from my ut2003 bkup?? burned with BW and bwa converted from an mds alcohol file? i reckon there all in cahoots … notice how one way or another youe need all these apps to do cds? not one seems to do it all perfectly …

I have finally managed to make one backup of UT2003 using a BWA file, then install and play the game using only this one CD with BWA. and I only used Blindwrite software to produce my BWA, Image and Backup.

However it appears it is very hardware orientated as I have only managed this since I purchased a LiteON CD DVD-ROM drive(166S) to play the game on. Havent yet managed to get it working on my LiteON CDRW (48125S). Yet other people say they have played it on a similar drive (48125W)!

I dont think there is anything wrong with Blinwrite its a great piece of software, the problem lies with the hardware used!!!

yes unfornutely, I confirm it really depends on hardware… my backup of unreal made with a plextor drive, is unable to be used for installing, but my other archos external cdrw do it quietly…

i used blindwrite 4.2.2 and the bwa file that futureproof has for download (from asus4816A) now i have a back up of ut2k3 that works in the writer ltr24102b without hiding atip installs and runs game no probs:bow:

Thanks guys,

I tried to PLAY UT2003 from a backup in my Liteon 48125W and it played! I couldn’t believe it. I always thought that you needed to “Hide CDR Media” to play Securom games from your writer. I read the original with the Litey to make the image and BWA, but kept trying to play it with my Pioneer DVD115 drive without success. However, it DID play in the Litey. So it appears that making a backup of Securom is very hardware dependant, as most of you guys already know!

I’ve tried to backup Hitman2 with my ASUS CRW-5224A but it failed :frowning: , When I’m trying to read from Blindread the image, a blue window apears (windows) with a VtD error or something like that… Does BlindRead support ASUS CRW-5224A ? Will be ever possible to make a PERFECT copy (installing & playing) of the new SecuRom without the need to emulate? I hope some people are trying to solve that right now.

Sorry for my bad english…

Hardware issue mmhhhh perhaps no .

I’m French , you too but we must speak english here :slight_smile:

Ok see that

Reader pioneer DVD 117
Writer Liteon 32123s
Blindwrite 4.2.4

The cd cannot install but can play the game :frowning:

The cd can install and play fine :slight_smile:

So if this an hardware issue why american conquest have no problem and unreal tournament 2003 have problems ?

Same hardware and same protection .

I insist than many people have problems with unreal tournament 2003 and cannot install the game with the same cd . WHY .

I think something is specific in the securom version of unreal and blindwrite must be updated when you find why .

Mais continuez comme ça c’est du bon boulot et je suis fier de vous en tant que Français :slight_smile:

all i want from a new version is more consistent back-ups, i.e. not so dependant on the hardware, something that clone-cd (sorry for using a swear word) is seemingly doing, but yet you can’t produce securom new backups with clonecd.

yes… but please… use the 4.2.5 because it solved several issue.
by the way, the 4.2.6 will be ready in few hours.