New Version of Blindwrite and CopyToDVD: new feature :burning data collected


Amoung other updates made to the new versions of CopyToDVD 3.0.49 and Blindwrite 5.2.12, VSO can now collect burning data through your use of their software.

This new feature is an anonymous statistic database connection that will allow VSO to collect data about the used drive, media ID and speed, and error code if any. You can read technical information about this feature here

Why did we implement this feature?

For VSO, it will be an opportunity to be more reactive and provide more reliable products. By detecting new drives released in the market, latest firmware, and statistics about media usage and failure rate, the real time information will be used to improve the technical support and knowledge. We don’t collect any information about users or the kind of data burnt. Of course, this is optional, and users can deactivate the feature upon installation.

Drive and media manufacturers will be able to benefit of the data collected to improve their own products as well. They can contact us for more information.

Users will benefit from this database by checking which drives and medias are the most reliable. A special web space will be available in a few weeks for end-users and webmasters.

For more information please check out our website: