New version of Binflash (formerly Uniflash) for NEC drives supports bitsetting

I just posted the article New version of Binflash (formerly Uniflash) for NEC drives supports bitsetting.

 Our  System Administrator Torsten, who around here is better known as Liggy, has  just updated his firmware flashing tool for NEC  and compatible drives. For those that don't know yet, this is a...
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LOL @ the smoking monkey :smiley:

cool…tyvm can anyone tell me how often you can change the bitsetting for the nec3500?

Should be unlimited if you use the reset button. But I don’t know how many changes the flash ROM can handle.

ah…ok but is it possible to put the bitsetting to dvd-rom even if i burn no dvd-video but for example dvd-mp3 dvd-data or a dvd game? In short; 1 setting works for all types of dvd?

This setting is valid for the mediatype - not the content. The burner doesn’t know if you store a movie, data or a game on your DVD.

Liggy, you the man! I’d have posted this in the forum, but, I’m logged into work right now and they block access to the forum. However, I just wanted to say GOOD JOB MAN!

now it is clear to me…tyvm for all

How about a Pioneer version of this cool program?

There already is a Pioneer flasher but I don’t know if the drive supports booktype changes at all.

WHY on earth would you buy a Pioneer? Do you not have access to Nec drives? I do not for the life of me understand the attraction for Pioneer drives! Such an inferior product.

Well the XL versions at least LOOK pretty sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the Pioneer XL models are the best looking models out there and produce quality burns. How does that make them inferior? I would rather have my A08XL than any of those bland looking NEC models. :X