New version of AnyDVD is now available -

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x43 used our news submit to tell us that a new version of AnyDVD has been released. AnyDVD is a utility that allows you to watch a DVD on a regioned drive even if the DVD is from a…

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great programme to remove region checks! much better than the Region-Free programme, because it follows a different approach. Region-free tries to force the player to playback the dvds, although the player knows, that the user has used up all of his region changes. So there is a real struggle between Region-free and the player, which often results in the crash of the player and the Region-free programme, or to be more precise, they don’t really crash, but just stay in memory, eating all system resources, so that it’s even difficult to open the task manager to remove them from memory. Anydvd, on the other hand, always sets the region changes number back to 5. This way the player thinks that 5 region changes are left and allows the region change. Then anydvd simply sets it back from 4 to 5, and the play begins anew. This way everybody is satisfied, incl. the user. This programme always works on my system (my dvd drive is region free, but winxp itself is not, and so in order to play dvds in WMP I have to use anydvd), while region free used to crash WMP and itself, so I have switched altogether from Region-free to Anydvd, and I suggest everyone else does the same, 'cause this prog is very reliable

I’m the author of DVD Region-Free, and I don’t agree with your point. We have tens of thousands of happy customers, that’s the best proof that DVD Region-Free is better than AnyDVD. We can also have the technical explain why DVD Region-Free is better than AnyDVD: DVD Region-Free works on app (ring3) level, and AnyDVD works on kernel (ring0) level. If there is a bug in DVD Region-Free and AnyDVD, DVD Region-Free will only cause the program crash, but AnyDVD will cause the system Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)! On the other hand, several DVD programs such as DVD X Copy XPress use their own driver to read DVD, AnyDVD can’t support them, but DVD Region-Free can! Finally, DVD Region-Free was released one year ago, it has been proved that it’s stable, but AnyDVD was released only for two months, its stability was not tested enough. I don’t want to say AnyDVD is nothing, but I hope that you can treat DVD Region-Free and AnyDVD fairly.

News Flash: AnyDVD Rocks. Besides why is the author of DVD Region-Free learning about AnyDVD?

iv never used DVD Region-Free but if its anythink like AnyDVD then its a good program. is it as easy to use as AnyDVD?. with AnyDVD all you got to do is just click on the icon and your done

DVD Region-Free is very easy to use, you just need run it, then you can forget it. You even don’t need click on the tray icon as AnyDVD.