New Version of Alcohol is out

New version is out for all of you alkies.
FIX Fixed minor bugs.
FIX Fixed wrong recording speed setting problem with some DVD writers.
NEW Supported double layer DVD+R and dual layer DVD-R media.
NEW Added showing the name of manufacturer of DVD recordable media.
NEW Added DVD+R/+RW setting book-type as DVD-ROM. (not all drives support this at this time)
NEW Added DPM for DVD media.
NEW Added RMPS for DVD writing.
NEW Added Support for more writers.
NEW Improved Reading and writing engines within the software.
NEW Added support for 16X writers and DVD media.
FIX Updated online activation

Just trying it out now :slight_smile:

Is the trial fully funtional?

This version is only avalable to new purchases or previously purchased users, the Trial version will not be available for between 7-14 days

It took them a year to create an update which still can’t handle one of the most used protections out there: SafeDisc 3.
And blacklists also don’t seem to be important anymore.
great work in making a fool of yourselves, Alcohol Software!

It took them a year to create an update which still can’t handle one of the most used protections out there: SafeDisc 3.

Known to work.

The Sims 2 DVD…(SafeDisc 3.20.020)
FarCry DVD…(SafeDisc 3.20.022)
Myst IV: Revelation DVD…(SafeDisc 3.20.022)
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault DVD…(SafeDisc 3.20.024)
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 DVD…(SafeDisc 4.00.001)

Known to work…with what burners? (ie. is there a higher success rate with a wider variety of burners with the new version compared to the old?)

Thank you for the reply and the info. Would like to try this version.

Thix version works in Windows x64?

Thix version works in Windows x64


Phoenix do you mean you have improved “bypass EFM” algorithm, so now we can copy Safedisk 3.20/4.0 with a 2 sheep burner like Plextor Premium?

By the time Alcohol is compatible with Windows x64 there already is a Windows x128 :cool:

yeah, venturer has right.
Is ist now possible to make a 1:1 copy of SafeDisc 3/4 protected Games on CD??
Or can you emulate this now???

And what about SafeDisc 3/4 DVDs???
You can mount it now in virtual drives,but how do it works when you copy this???
Can you emulate it on DVD or perhaps 1:1 (but I don’t think,that it’s possible to make a copy of DVDs because no writer support Raw DAO)

well, this was discussed many times before, but it’s very depending on your hardware. there are premiums out there being able to backup the new SD’s…

at least I can do working backups of SD3.2 / 4.x with my plex prem - they are not “perfect”, which means that they don’t work in ‘every’ drive out there, but they work good enough for me to play them in a variety of different drives… :slight_smile:
btw: this is already working with the previous version of alc… :iagree:

also this was already possible with the previous version… :iagree:

right, 1:1 not possible… don’t know about emu, but i’d rather NOT copy a game instead of copying it needing emulation… :wink:

By the time Alcohol is compatible with Windows x64 there already is a Windows x128

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, and as there is no official 64bit version of Windows available other than a beta, why should we add support for a beta version, we have Beta versions of Alcohol they are there to find bugs and fix them, if microsoft were happy that Windows 64bit was bug free and ready for the public they would release it untill then its still Just a Beta, and one that has now been going for next to a year.

I use Alcohol 120% and I love it. If you don’t like something don’t use it.
Curious as to how the program got it’s name. LOL

It’s not exactly that…people will still continue to use Alcohol, it’s just that i guess many of us were expecting more from Alcohol’s update in respects to the PC Copy Protection front, having to wait so long.

i don’t expect much more - as i said before, i don’t like copies that need some kind of emulation to run, and since the dvd-burners are not capable of backing up new CP’s depending on their hardware, all that ppl could do would be: EMULATION
so, i don’t expect “big” updates in the near future, as the software is at it’s limits at the moment.
the next “great” development depends on the hardware-manufacturers

Ok, so I downloaded and installed this new version. And with the first DVD I burned I already noticed a bug.
The log stated ‘Recording DAO at 6X’, while it was actually writing at 12X.

A year of programming and testing, and nobody ever noticed such an obvious bug? Wake up!

Oh, and the activation has already been cr*cked. So all the work put in it was just a waste of time.