New version of Adaware



The new version of Ad-aware says that Download Accelerator is spyware and it suggests that i should delete it!

Is that right? I knew that DAP installed spyware software , but deleting the whole software is the only solution?


There are other download managers even better than DAP. For instance GetRight at
Probably DAP stops working if one removes the spyware files or something… Or Lavasoft just doesn’t like DAP… :wink:


haha , maybe some old DAP programmers were employeed by Lavasoft:)

Anyway i thing getright is better at accessing the downloads , but DAP works faster (for me at least).


Gteright is one of the worst for spyware.


The best download manager is IMHO FlashGET. If you register the program an use AdAware to clean your system…Then you will have a working program with no spys/adds.



Originally posted by PaRaNoiD
Gteright is one of the worst for spyware.

How do you mean?
I removed the ad-files, you see there is this button if you have registered it…


Speaking of adware, I ran the adaware last night and it was clean. A few minutes later I installed Kazaa and it had installed 211 references, 207 in the registry and the windows folder, 4 actual folders in the windows directory


I use Reget 3.0 trial and I like it better than DAP or Get Right.About Adware 5.71 is good but I wait for XP support.My forced home page from drive me crazy and recover the link on my registry every time I restart my computer.