New version nero has buffer underrun

I have been usisng the nero version which came with my RICOH CDR MP7083A very sucessfully but after up grading to the latest Nero i now get buffer underruns on large cd burns ( i have noticed it more when it reaches an autorun.exe file)

I run Win me with intel 750 cel, 20 gb hd, and 384 meg of ram.
if i reinstall the original version it works fine again. Any ideas would be a great help as i would like to use the features of the latest Nero version:rolleyes:

The latest you used is right? Try the last leaked version, since older official releases are hard to find.

Get Here | Mirror

Try searching with Google or aFTP Search for other versions.

I’m guessing its your system, try updating your Intel drivers and also your writer’s firmware to the latest version.

Download the latest Intel Application Accelerator drivers here

Also make sure your DMA is enbled.

Hi there
thanks for the reply i have a celeron 850/100 not a 750 as quoted before. DMA is enabled and i have downloaded the version of nero recommended and will try it i cant do intel updates as there isnt any for my celeron and also i have updated firmware for the burner and also the latest 4 in 1 for via. I have tested Burnatonce and it works fine, so i might have a workaround using both programs for different burns thanks for your help and the forum is great i have learnt a lot and enjoy reading the other inquiries.
cheers ppzaz