New version at the end of April 2006

I see that a new version of Nero Linux is targed for end April. Will this release be another bug fixes release? It would be nice to see some new features…
Is it so difficult to port nero 6 / 7 to linux?

Thx Mauro

Well…April came and went…maybe they are working on “big things”…but we can
only hope…

Uh…replying to myself…I’m now wondering how committed nero is to this software…as
it seems like a LOT of time has passed since the last “bug fix” release…so…how about it
guys? Anybody willing (from Nero…hint hint) to kind of map out a roadmap for this
thing? We feel left in the dark…of course, not being open source software,
we understand not letting out code or secrets, but just a little information instead
of silence would be nice.

Like: Is a new release coming soon?
Are they working on added features or just bug fixes?
Are they going to port more of the main suite to Linux?
Is this viable for Nero or is it a loser? (yes…the community would like to know,
and maybe something can be done about this to make it better for Nero as
well as for us).

I like the Nero application so much that it’s pretty much the ONLY burning
software I use anymore in Linux…so I would sure hate to see this turn
into a dead end…come-on, guys…some information would be nice so that
we can plan our strategy…

Thanks, in advance…

I totally understand your point of view, but, as you said, we cannot give such information to public. However, what I can say, is that we are working currently very hard so that Nero becomes also a killer product for Linux :iagree:

BtW, of course a new version will come out this month. It will be a major update as it will be based on NeroAPI 6.6.1 and it will also integrate overburn capabilities.

Let me add just one thing. I have been a NeroLinux user for a few month now and I am perfectly satisfied with the software. It does what I need and it is virtually problem free. It is only $20 so we can’t really expect the same features as in teh Windows version

Dear NeroLinux Team. I am very happy that I can use a realiable CD-burner sotfware with my favorite operating system. I hope you sell a lot of copies and please keep up the good work. Thank you.

Thank-you so much, mathf, as that was exactly what I was looking for…just
a re-assurance that Nero hasn’t given up on this fine software. I agree with csab,
that there is plenty of value there…and I’m sure that people would not
mind paying even more with increased capability! I also understand the difficulty
on giving information out on proprietary software…but I did try to provoke a
response and got exactly what I was looking for.

Along with csab, I seem to be using nerolinux more than any other software
for burning and image creation/control…as it is so “comfortable” to use, once

thanks to the team for continued support as we in the community look forward
to more progress. If only more proprietary software companies would be as
progressive as nero software has seemed to be as I have no ideological stance
on proprietary vs. open source…I’ll use whatever works best…sometimes
that is open source…and sometimes not.

thanks again…

Thanks, mathf, for the great news that a new version is due out sometime this month.

Thanks mathf for your info. Another question, will there also be a qt version in the future? Old gtk doesn’t look so good.

Well…even GTK2 would be nice…but the earlier reasons for GTK1 had to do with compatibility to the older Linux versions, from what we were told before. I would think that maybe they are considering an update on the “face” some day…we’ll await an answer on that one, rey22…but I too would like to see something like that…although it’s not essential to the function of the program at all…

1 month passed, I think that everybody is waiting for the new version. Nero it’s the n° 1, I’m looking forward to see new features.


I just read where the next version of SUSE will dropt GTK1 completely…so in time, Nero will have to use the GTK2 libraries…or provide a GTK1 version for only those who really need it. Pretty much all of the distro’s over the last 5 years or so have GTK2 anyway…

I look forward to the new API and eventually GTK for a prettier front-end…

where did you read that at?

I think I saw it on one of the mailing lists…or a status meeting minutes…they
were talking about the planning on the 10.2 which goes to Alpha this month.
The reason, if I remember correctly, was that the last realy GTK1 package (GNUCASH)
has finally gone to GTK2 on the next version (still in beta) and will be included
in 10.2…but I went-a-searching for the actual text of where I saw it and for the time
being…can’t find it. So I can’t substantiate it. Either way…it would be nice
if Nero made a GTK2 build…

i agree.