New Version AnyDVD (Beta?)

Password Zip: ripper, 2006 02 09

  • Important: When installing this version over an existing
    installation, you must reboot your machine. Otherwise the changes
    made in the AnyDVD device driver will not have any effect!
  • New: Added workaround for DVDShrink / Nero Recode “Out of memory”
    error when copying Macrovision RipGuard protected discs with
    menus, e.g. “Madagascar” R1 (US)
  • New: Error zones on RipGuard/Arccos/PuppetLock protected titles are
    now replaced with “valid material”. 3rd party tools like DVDDecrypter
    will now work better (no more “Pack Header Error” messages - another try,
    this time it should really work).
  • Note: To use DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD set I/O Model to SPTI or ElbyCDIO.
    Set CSS Cracking method to none. Disable checking for structure
  • New: Added “AnyDVD Ripper”. This little tool repairs defective DVDs
    while copying them to your harddisk. It can be started from the menu of
    the AnyDVD fox icon.
    It is identical to FixVTS ( but instead
    of fixing problems “in place” it copies the files to your harddisk directly
    from the source DVD. It fixes the problems while the files are copied.
    Some DVDs which have severe mastering defects e.g.,
    “Menace II Society” R1 (US) can now be copied with all DVD copy tools
    (elby CloneDVD, DVDShrink, etc.) Many thanks to the author of FixVTS!
    “AnyDVD Ripper” is a tool intended as a “last resort”. It is not
    beautiful, and some of its messages cannot be localized yet.
  • Fix: Hang after update check with some system configurations


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so about that anydvd update…

Anyone have any ideas when this version is going out of beta and out to the general public? I’m always a little leary of anything beta. Call me chicken I guess.

usually from the time James releases something in beta to this forum, it’s only a day or two until it’s up on the slysoft site.

a couple people have used the ripping function to successfully process otherwise un-workable discs with dvd shrink, so it does seem to be working as it should!

I’m slightly more reckless in my updating, but I definitely understand wanting to wait. Based on past releases, my guess is this will be on the anydvd site by Saturday at the latest (unless James has some tricks up his sleeve to add/change before then)

When is this new AnyDVD ripper function necessary? I always copy the DVD to hard drive first anyway. When doing this, is it better to use the AnyDVD ripper function instead of just copy and paste?

supposedly the ripper is a last resort type of thing. it’s essentially the same as “copy and paste” but it fixes mastering errors in the process. I believe the main drive behind this addition is the constant “invalid navigation structure” and “out of memory” errors with dvd shrink and nero recode on many newer titles.

it performs the same process as Fix VTS while copying to your hard drive. Slysoft seems to still recommend using a proper ripper designed for ripping though since this feature is new and might not be 100% reliable.