New Version AnyDVD

New Version AnyDVD this is not a beta it is on their website with a whole new change log. I can’t believe I got to post a new version first. It just came out today. I am usually the last to know when I get an e-mail.

You found your 15 minutes of fame, I’m still waiting. :sad:

Here’s the changelog:, 2005 11 20

  • Fix: With some discs (e.g., “Star Wars III”) AnyDVD detected the
    “Chapter Jump” protection, even if this protection was not present.
    This could cause defective copies.

Thanks itzbinnice: I have been posting on this forum a long time and I have yet to be the first one let the forum know about something. I am trying it now on a few “hard movies” I have already seen a difference in Madagascar.

Thanks for the heads up! :iagree:


Anytime, I am one of the over 60 crowd and I am usually the first one up in the morning so I just got lucky. It makes me feel good to make a contribution.