New version, 3202, results with RA2 plus others



I made the image on Win 98 se with a Toshiba 6602b with Fast Error Skip at full speed. I burned the image with a Plextor 1210a firmware 1.4, Apply Weak Sectors at 4 X speed on a Verbatim CDRW 4 X cd.

I nstalled the game on a Win XP computer with a Teac 540e. The game installed and passed the splash screen and WAS ABLE TO PLAY it. It might of loaded a little slow but I dont know if that is normal as I dont remember how the game loaded before.

Dose this mean the new Apply Weak Sectors worked


Just tested Comanche 4 Cloncd release and it works in other cdroms as well


Kaiser: It probably loaded a bit slow because your using a CDRW…

My experience with the CDRW is that depending on what reader your using, read speeds may vary…

A possible reason…


Max Payne also worked

Will game updates work on good copies made by this new method of making good SD 2 copies


The answer is yes… The difference in Strong Sectors and Weak sectors is that only a few CD Writers can reproduce Weak Sectors… By making them strong sectors the errors now are reproduced and therefore when the game looks to see whether its a legit copy it finds the errors in the same place allowing you to play the game as if it were an original…